save space in your data center

Three Key Areas of Data Center Savings: Time, Space, and Money

Zero U and 1U brackets from CE Communication help you get organized and stay on budget

Over time, data center cables and fiber optic wiring can run wild and overwhelm you. We manufacture patented Zero U and 1U brackets that install easily into all standard data center cabinets and keep cords running in an orderly fashion.

A spaghetti mess of Cat5E and Cat6 copper cables is chaotic and takes up extra space. It can be a challenge to determine where every patch cord is running – and this can cause stress – both on you and on the connectors holding everything together!

In contrast, a data center equipped with our brackets will be highly organized and cords can be bundled together in a condensed manner to SAVE SPACE.

  • Zero U and 1U brackets are compatible with all 24 and 48 port patch panels.
  • This level of data center organization will allow you to easily apply labels to all cables and cords.
  • Installation is easy and entire panels will be “hot swappable”, which will save you TIME.
  • Our brackets have support “arms” that hold cables in a way that takes tension off the connectors, which last longer from having less wear and tear – in the long run, this will help save MONEY.

With over 20 years of industry experience, CE Communication utilizes hybrid manufacturing techniques to supply custom solutions that fulfill data center needs.

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