The Power of Fiber Optic Connectivity: Build a Better Data Center

Patented fiber cassette trays and racks from Idania Corp. help communications run smooth

At CE Communication, we’re into developing new solutions that help organize and clean up data centers and network server equipment – it’s just what we do. This 1U Tray and Rack system fits virtually allstandard size cabinets, holds up to four 12-fiber cassettes, or six 8-fiber cassettes, is completely made in America with machined hardware and is designed for easy installation.

Seriously!? What more could a data center professional ask for?!

The rear of the rack is designed to allow for easy access to connections. Meanwhile, each of the three cassette trays slide forward and back to help manage connectivity tasks from the front. One rack with three trays of cassettes would help manage and organize up to 144 fiber connectors.

With over 20 years of industry experience, CE Communication utilizes hybrid manufacturing techniques to supply custom solutions that fulfill data center needs.

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See it in action, watch our product video: